Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés


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Dear Brave Souls,
Thank you for coming to this website. I'm sorry the time has come that we cannot keep up with correspondence, due to writing and teaching commitments and so often being on mission as a post-trauma recovery specialist.

I am truly sorry too, that it has become impossible to continue to read and endorse books or projects, to suggest agents, schools, referrals, therapists, endorse a project/​event, analyze a dream, do research for others, write letters of recommendation.

Our 37 publishers and legal agents worldwide, do not license parts of my works, nor the signature and literary stories, commentaries, poems and blessings, to be used interpretively or derivatively in illustration, film, animation, theatre, music, performance or other modes.

The works are written/​performed/​ fixed in various mediums, and in a deliberate order with lyrical phrasings, the many original literary works wrapped in autiobiographical material. Our dedication is to keep the works whole as purposely created, in the order they were designed and written.

Ethically I cannot respond in timely ways to unsolicited emails or requests for therapeutic advice. I ever ask people who seek psychological and spiritual help to please seek aid and assistance from a wise person, face to face, where they live, so as to talk matters over, form a plan, and hold to it with accountability. I'm sorry that I am not able to take new persons into my practice.

For persons who are reading my books or works together with groups in safe houses, shelter settings, public school classes with children, face to face with small groups of teens and adults-- these groups being legion for these past 25 years-- thank you for your service to others' hearts. Your caring about the souls of others and of children, and those of adults who very much desire to continue in creative consciousness and growth, matters very much. Keep going.

What I can do is this and in full heart: I can hold close and raise up in prayer every person who comes to my facebook page. I can pray over their lives and those beyond them, to be made strong, insightful, and loving despite - and because of- all else.

I can continue to put up nearly daily letters to all souls on facebook --which I hope will uplift spirit and/​or help people to see, to be validated, to learn and to keep going with as much love, as much peace, as much kindness, as much clearmindedness and solidity, and as much unique one-of-a-kind creativity as possible.

I can share my 'works in progress' with you on my facebook page, and elucidate and answer questions about my published and forthcoming works in print, performance, film, lyric, audio, digital and online webinars.

I can share my artworks in photography, painting and graphic design, also on facebook. That way, you can be first to see excerpts from my work that are yet to be published in print, ebook, audio, film, and other media.

Especially, I can bless your way in the world, always. That's a promise.

And with love and with peace,


Selected Works

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Trade Paperback, NOW IN STORES and ONLINE

Via personal blessings and stories of visitations, miracles, and common events, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés helps us reconnect with the fierce and loving force of the Blessed Mother.

Trade Paperback book with 30 of the author's ex-votos, her color illustrations for prayer 390 pages ISBN-10: 1-60407-635-6 ISBN-13: 978-1-60407-635-6 Women’s Studies, Spirituality
How to Be an Elder: Volume 5 of The Dangerous Old Woman manuscript, Myths and Stories of the Wise Woman Archetype
Now Available in CD and mp3 SoundsTrue.com
The Dangerous Old Woman: Myths and Stories of the Wise Woman Archetype
In this small work, Dr. Estés tells about one of the surviving old women from Dr. Estés' paternal family, who was attempting to hide from the prevailing army during WWII, and sheltered with a spirit soul in a small lean-to, and together while fleeing the destructions swirling around them, they spent a part of their night heartening each other with remembered stories of death ...and return to Life.
Spoken Word Audio, Non-Fiction
Where is memory of who we really are, who sent us here, and what is our work here ... and why are we often so unusual, so different, so eccentric, so belonging often to a tribe of one?
BOOK, Non-fiction
A field guide to the creative life of the soul, unfettered, fierce, and radiant.
BOOK: Non-fiction
Dr. Estés tells the story of her Uncle Tovar a peasant farmer from the Old Country who lived in a time when the Nazis first, and then the Red Army decimated their village in the Old Country, burning to the ground the remote farmland forests the people depended on so, forcing the families on marches to work camps... and worse. The refugees who survived the wars (for it was more than one war) straggled to America only to find that here too, government forces destroyed forests. But the soul of "this man" knew a fierce and heartbroken way through...